Cedartown Honors Longtime Employees

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We are SO excited to share some good news with you today! We recently honored City of Cedartown employees who have worked for you — our residents — for 5 years or longer. Please help us congratulate these fine folks! We weren’t able to recognize them at this past Monday night’s City Commission meeting because of social distancing guidelines, but you can help us give them a pat on the “virtual” back!
5 years of service: Neal Beck, Water Maintenance; Jerry Jackson, Cemetery Department; Deric Jones, Wastewater; Scott O’Neal, Fire Department; Matthew Wray, Water Maintenance
10 years of service: Hollis Jackson, Buildings; Drenn Morgan, Fire Department
15 years of service: Lance Green, Fire Department, Josh Jackson, Police Department; Jeremy Manning, Fire Department; Jose Nevarez, Fire Department; Chris Reed, Police Department; Daniel Scipper, Fire Department, Ralph Smith, Police Department
20 years of service: Lisa Barker, Water Administration; Jacki Bunch, Street Department; Tracy Marlow, Wastewater; Craig Payton, Police Department; Ricky Wilson, Water Department
25 years of service: James Ray, Police Department
Cedartown honors Chris Reed
Cedartown honors Craig Payton
Cedartown honors Daniel Scipper
Cedartown honors Deric Jones

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